Unigames Autumn Newsletter 2024

by Chris Leak 03/06/24

Unigames Autumn Newsletter 2024

Winter is here, and Unigames is preparing for some bangers over the coming break. Get your Hot Chocolates and your Eldritch Tomes as we look back at some of our first semester events and look forward to some events coming up very soon… This is the first Newsletter of the year and covers March all the way to May, but in the future, these should be releasing MONTHLY, so check your inboxes at the beginning of each month for an update on where Unigames is at and what’s coming up!

Upcoming at Unigames

Magic: The Gathering - Modern Horizons III Pre-release – Sunday 9/6 @ 11am

This Sunday, come down to the clubroom for a Pre-release of the next premium Magic the Gathering Set, Modern Horizons III! Entry is $100 and gets you a prerelease kit with 6 play boosters, a foil rare or mythic rare, and a themed spindown d20. Hope to see you there!

Unigames Camp 2024: Kittens & Krakens - Friday 21/6 - Monday 24/6 2024

Unigames’ annual camp is coming up VERY VERY SOON!!! The camp will be held on the weekend 21-24th of June at Manjedal Activity Centre at the Gilwell camp site.

Are you interested in a weekend of tabletop games, one-shots, hitting each other (safely) with pool noodles, and stealthily attaching clothes-pegs to people while they aren’t paying attention? Then Unigames Camp is for you!

Tickets for Kittens and Krakens can be bought in the Clubroom for $110 cash. If you buy your ticket before the 10th of June, your ticket will include a $10 snack voucher to be used at the camp, so get your tickets soon!

We are very close to being able to take bank transfer for payment, however we are still waiting on some final steps to be taken to set that up for your convenience. Keep your ears peeled for an update soon!

If you want to find out more about Camp, check out the info pack below, or go see our announcements in our Discord or our Facebook group! Infopack: https://bit.ly/ugcamp24infopack Facebook event: https://fb.me/e/52lRWtdvX Main Discord Announcement: https://discord.com/channels/459261533885825025/459265307517911040/1239530562973208648 (Unigames Camp is an 18+ event so make sure you bring some ID with you when you buy your ticket) <img alt="Kittens&Krakens" src="https://hackmd.io/_uploads/ByXbEDiV0.jpg" />


Unigames is bringing back Phoenix!

Phoenix is a Unigames member-made zine, and there is plenty of different things to submit! Make a one-page RPG, tell us your campaign stories, review your favourite boardgame, make some art of your game, the possibilities are endless!

Submissions will be opening soon! Keep your eyes on your local Unigames announcements service (Discord server or the Facebook group) and we will soon post a link where you can post your submissions for the zine. The theme for phoenix this year is Revival! While you do not need to follow this for your writing and art, the cover art and overall themeing of the zine will be following this theme!

We also encourage you to make a design for the front cover! In the form there is an option to specify this. If your cover submission does not get selected, it will still be printed within Phoenix itself! Cover submissions must include the title: Phoenix, and include the clubs name.

If you would like to look through older editions of Phoenix, we have two in the clubroom, in the "Other Magazines" section of the library!

Previous Events

You might be wondering what Unigames has been up to this last little while, so here's a quick summary of what's happened since the start of the year in March!

Major Events

Prosh (held on 20/03)

For this year’s Prosh, the theme was Prosh-gate, so Unigamers decided on Baldur’s Gate as our specific theme. Somehow, Gnorp was involved, but don’t ask me what that is because I still don’t really even know.

Charity Vigil (held on 29/03)

Charity vigil this year was a blast, and as a collaboration with UniSFA and UCC, featured some incredible activities, from RPG one-shots, to hours upon hours of Karaoke. To cap it all off, we had a stellar midnight raffle and auction, making it a night to remember. All proceeds from this year’s Charity Vigil went to Living Proud, click on the following link to find out more about them: https://www.livingproud.org.au/

RPGs and Boardgames

Unigames have held a number of RPG and Boardgame events this semester. Here’s the list of all of the regular RPG and Boardgame events we have run so far:

  • RPGs
    • RPG O’Day (5/3)
    • Variety One-Shot Night (8/3)
    • Call of Cthulhu One-shot Night (20/3)
    • Micro-RPG One-shot Night (5/4)
    • The Good Society One-shot Night (15/4)
    • Dungeons and Dragons One-shot Night (3/5)
    • Spire: The City Must Fall & Heart: The City Beneath (16/5)
    • Little guys, Little Games (29/5)
  • Boardgames
    • Social Intrigue Boardgames Night (13/3)
    • A-Maze-Ing Boardgames (28/3)
    • Gotta Go Fast Boardgames (10/4)
    • Community Chats w/ UWA Guild Access Department (16/4)
    • Dexterity Boardgames (22/4)
    • Club-Room Collab w/ UWA Esports (9/5)
    • Unigames x UPhilSoc Boardgames Night (23/5)

We aren’t running any Boardgame or RPG nights during Exams, however we are planning to continue running them after camp.

If you have any suggestions for TTRPG systems we can run, or themed boardgame nights we can hold, let us know! You can message any of our committee members, or chuck a message in our Discord #Feedback channel (link below).

Also, if YOU are an experienced Game Master and want to help us run some of our One-Shot Nights, let us know! We have a Facebook poll where you can tell us what systems you are familiar with and are willing to help run (link also below).

Discord #Feedback channel: https://discord.com/channels/459261533885825025/691526818532032544

Facebook Game Master Poll: https://www.facebook.com/groups/uwa.unigames/permalink/7322916097744039


We’ve had a great start to the year for Wargaming, and we are far from finished. Here are some of the events we have run so far: - Blood Bowl League – continuing from before the semester began (18/1 onwards) - Intro to Minipainting (19/3) - Intro to Wargaming (23/3) - Warhammer 40k Tournament (3/4) - Casual Painting Day (17/4)

We are in the process of planning another Warhammer tournament in about a month’s time, so keep your eyes peeled on our Announcements and Events for updates! If you are interested in Blood Bowl, and want to get involved, check out our Blood Bowl channels on our discord server for more info!

Collaborative events

We have collaborated with a number of clubs this semester, including the following: - University Science fiction and Fantasy Association (UniSFA) - University Computer Club (UCC) - UWA guild Access Department - UWA Esports - UPhilSoc

Check these wonderful people out! If you or your club want to collaborate with Unigames on an event, feel free to send us an email at uwaunigames@gmail.com.

TCG Events

We’ve had a number of TCG events this semester, including some of the following: - March Sunday Night of Magic (10/3) - Intro to Pokemon TCG (12/3) - Intro to Magic: the Gathering (14/3) - Outlaws of Thunder Junction Prerelease (14/4) - April Saturday Afternoon of Pokemon (27/4) - May Sunday Night of Magic (26/5)


Every week, we post the minutes of the committee meeting from that week. You can read the weekly minutes at https://unigames.asn.au/blog/ !

Contact and Links

Committee Email: uwaunigames@gmail.com Website: https://unigames.asn.au/ Main Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/uwa.unigames UWA Magic Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/uwamagic Permanent Discord Invite Link: https://bit.ly/unigamesdiscord UCC Webcams: https://webcam.ucc.asn.au/ (check if the clubrooms are open! password in the clubroom) Unigames FAQ: https://unigames.asn.au/faq/ How to get to the clubroom: https://bit.ly/unigamesvideogsc24 / https://bit.ly/unigamesvideeooak24