Unigames Committee Meeting #12 - 21/05/2024

by Chris Leak 21/05/24

Unigames Committee Meeting #12 - 21/05/2024

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  • Josh
  • Connor
  • Jack
  • Chris
  • Gen
  • Cooper
  • Jeremy
  • Nene
  • Nix
  • Oscar
  • Jackie



Meeting scheduled: 4:00PM

Meeting open: 4:03PM


President's Report (Josh):

  • Bank Account [Crab Emojis]
  • Snom announced
  • Tenancy meeting
  • Access collab repromoted
  • PhilSoc advertising up
  • Study Hell

Vice President's Report (Connyah):

Treasurer's Report (Jack):

  • Bank Account?!?!?! Account Balance: 14755.62

Secretary's Report (Chris):

  • Spire Oneshot happened
    • Shout out to freaky Joe
  • somehow got hooked on a "new" digital cardgame
    • It's undercards, its so bad but so fun
    • Mold sounds

Librarian's Report (Gen):

  • researching the bookbuy
  • come to lil guys lil games next week!

Fresher Rep's Report (Cooper):

  • couldn't come to Spire oneshots and I was sad, I need to play it soon though. Nothing else crazy

OCMs' Reports (Jeremy, Nene, Nix, Oscar):

  • Jeremy:
    • Cried lots of times
    • thats all
  • Nene:
    • little guys little games next week!
    • ooogh igot planty off teem....
    • i know about the secret anti-nene meetings. not cool
    • i've won fortnite one time this week. season ending on friday😔
  • Nix:
    • wargaming tournament was gonna be June 30th but might be pushed back
    • whos hype for camp!!! (I might run a torchbearer oneshot if people are interested OwO)
    • will wargame 4 cash
  • Oscar:
    • nothing to report
    • 3 days til end of Semester, 24 days til end of semester (real), 31 days til Unigames Camp, 123 days til Summit, 164 days til Halloween, 217 days til Christmas

Immediate Past President's Report (Jackie):

  • Jackie has attended: 12/12 (100% WR)== Meeting
    • gonna die (exams soon) but maybe i won’t we’ll see….
    • have been around and wise and advisory
    • wrote up ticket selling guide on whiteboard

Past Action Items:

Action Items:


Advertising for Week 12 Boardgames(done)

SNOM EMP and Advertising (done)


Look into bloodbowl playmats (not done)


Do EOI for a Pokemon Limited Event (not done)

Do March/April Newsletter this week (not done)


(with Nene) Advertising for Little Guys, Little Games (not done)

Repair damaged games (in progress)

Make up a Bloodbowl contents sheet (not done)


(with Gen) Advertising for Little Guys, Little Games (not done)

redo open/close sign and gatekeeper list (not done)

laminate open/close sign, gatekeeper list and merch examples (not done)


EMP and Advertising for June Tournament (in progress)


Put your certificates in the certificates folder (done)

Fill out Camp job roster (done enough)

Usual Suspects

Board Games

UWA PhilSoc Collab - Thursday 23/05 @ 4pm (Week 12)
  • It's this Thursday!
  • In Unigames clubroom
  • Collaboration with UWA PhilSoc
  • Advertising materials have been received


Spire and Heart One-Shot Night - Thursday 16/5 @ 5pm (Week 11)
  • It happened!
  • In clubroom and loft
  • We got three games going:
    • Connor (Spire)
    • Chris (Heart)
  • Attendance: 8
Little Guys, Little Games One-Shot Night - Wednesday 29/5 @4pm (Study Week)
  • Next Week
  • Advertising up tomorrow
  • 4 GMs
  • EMP and venue booking approved
Mork Bork One-shot Night - After exams
  • still planning


Booster Box Buying Bhenanigans
  • Box back!
    • It's half gone again
  • (holy cow!)
Magic: The Gavining
SNOM - 26/05 @ 11am (Week 12 sunday)
  • "It's not even vaguely organised, it's just done." - Josh
Future Pokemon events
  • Focus on Major, less frequent events
  • Get EOI for a draft or Pre-release-like event using Built & Battle Decks

    Chris: Do EOI for a Pokemon Limited Event

Modern Horizons 3 Pre-release - 9th of June
  • do we run it?
    • It's in the middle of exams
    • No loss though
    • Magic players may come in anyway though


June Warhammer 40k Tournament - Mid-to-late-June
  • Sent out a poll
    • Many who voted said June 30th
    • Another option is to push it back a week to avoid clashing with another tournament, to try to get more students from outside of UWA
      • Will check in with UWA players
  • Also discussing dinsk options
  • Similar details to last tournament

    Nix: EMP and Advertising for June Tournament

Blood Bowl Stuff
  • Planning to advertise second semester for freshers
  • Jackie talked to Lewis about communication and collaboration between bloodbowl league co-ordinators and committee
  • Some points that were brought up include:
    • Setting up a proper line of communuication between committee and commissioner
    • Using bloodbowl committee discord as default communication method rather than individual
    • In future:
      • Any complaints passed on to other party
      • Any closed sections involve the commissioner
      • Keep commissioners in the loop about possible consequences and discussion of these before the actioning of any of these
      • Make sure resolutions are talked through with commissioners
      • Above is specifically for bloodbowl related cases
  • Some points of discussion in meeting:
    • Creating a discord channel for these communications
    • Any additional commissioners to be discussed with committee.
  • Intro to Blood Bowl event
  • Considering additional Bloodbowl resources
    • Playmats

Fresher Campaigns

  • "I Died" - Cooper
  • Nupdates

Access Department Collab!! - Tuesday 21/05 11am-1pm @ Access room - Week 12

  • It was today?
  • Didn't really end up happening
  • Next one is 18/06
Charity Vigil - 29/03 @ 4pm (Week 5)
  • Waiting on money sending
Kittens and Krakens Camp - 5pm Friday 21/06 - 10am Monday 24/06
  • Put certificates in the drive
  • Put yourself on the Job Roster
  • Posters are up!
  • Tickets are being sold in the clubroom
    • $110, early bird gets you a $10 snack voucher (tm)
    • Now we have a bank account, we should be able to take bank transfers soon
  • "Come" - Josh

    Jackie: Camp Bank Transfer Setup

Far Future Events

Upcoming Subcommittees/Prospective Reps
  • Roleplay 4 Life - Chris, Nix
  • Relay 4 Life - Gen, Oscar (vibe it)
  • Quiz Night - Jack (Dark), Nix (Light)
  • Joint [Redacted]? - Jack, Cooper, Connor
    • UCC has paid deposit
    • Josh filled out the booking contract
  • Uncharity Vigil - Josh, Jeremy
  • Dice Bag Workship - Oscar, Gen
    • In the future at some point
    • Unrelated: Josh literally hits the griddy mid-meeting


  • Approved
  • Pending
  • Unsubmitted
    • $44.25 to Esports for Pizza


Next SOCPAC Meeting

  • Next meeting 28/05


  • Nupdates
  • Mysterious bagged cans
    • No-one knows where it came from
  • Campus-wide declutter
    • Skip Bins
    • E-waste receptacles
    • June 17th-July 19th

General Business


  • No new Gatekeepers


  • No new Webkeepers

Room Updates

  • Carpets
    • Short discussion on what we are doing with the carpet tiles long-term
  • General room maintenance
    • Discussion on what we can do to keep the clubroom tidy
    • Started new gatekeeper list
      • Discussed Feedback
  • New Kallax, Small Shelf, Chairs
    • Could potentially use some of the new storage space to store the Stationery box/dice trays
  • Air Freshener in the morning
  • Nene Mum Vacuum donation
    • Worried about space
    • Looking to see if it is working
      • It sucks
    • Vote to accept
      • It passes

        Nene: redo open/close sign and gatekeeper list Nene: laminate open/close sign, gatekeeper list and merch examples


  • Flamecraft Splat Buy
    • unlikely to be in stock until late may
    • nupdates

      Gen: Repair damaged games Gen: Make up a Bloodbowl contents sheet

Book Buy

  • Send your suggestions in!
    • Facebook post
    • Discord channel
    • Due Date: Friday 24/05/2024 11:59PM
    • Committee Bookbuy meeting: Tuesday next week starting at 1pm for normal meeting
  • There is a pinned format for suggestions, make sure to use it! :book:

Food Runs

  • we might need more dinsk
  • We may do costco run for camp depending on how expensive some things are
  • we got cutlery

Phoenix Revival

  • Posted
  • Things people want (according to EOI):
    • Lesser played TTRPGS being spotlighted
    • Introductory articles about hobbies like wargaming
    • Talks with collab clubs and other interesting things
      • We'll try to put some interesting things in
    • Something casual/positive/not too self-serious but still sincere
    • Scripted playthroughs
      • a few ways interpret this, but all potentially interesting
    • 75% want it in booklet form
  • Discussion on stickers
    • Alternatives, as physical copies are still in question
  • Theme: Revival

Uploading Old Minutes

  • Nupdates


  • Chris will do that this coming week (again) (again)

    Chris: Do March/April/May Newsletter this coming week

Committee Business

Club Bank Account

  • Jack, Connor, Josh went to the bank
    • It was a little big scrungled
    • Two signatories instead: President and Treasurer
    • Only require one signatory to approve an action
    • Will be ready in 3-4 days
  • Got the documents ready
  • Commbank
    • $0 fees, no interest, free unlimited EFT transactions and cash withdrawals, free transactions in branch (deposits and withdrawals)
    • can link with a business card, link with a terminal
    • need to complete application form (linked on the site)
    • need to bring completed app + documentation

First Aid Training

  • Other Clubs have responded
  • Fill out whenisgood if you're involved (if you don't fill it out you won't get a say when it occurs)

Advertising other clubs' events

  • Considering how we can better promote the clubs we collaborate often with
    • May distract from our announcements channel
    • May be more viable to create a place with a list of invites to servers of other clubs we collobrate often with Meeting closed: 5:17PM