Unigames Committee Meeting #2 - 12/03/2024

by Chris Leak 12/03/24

Unigames Committee Meeting #2 - 04/03/2024

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  • Josh
  • Jack
  • Gen
  • Cooper
  • Jeremy
  • Nene
  • Nix
  • Oscar
  • Jackie


  • Chris (running event)


Meeting scheduled: 4:00PM

Meeting open: 4:19PM


President's Report (Josh):

  • I was sick all week so sorry
  • I did most of things i think
  • Still need to scan the tenancy agreement
  • otherwise we all gucci

Vice President's Report (Connyah):

  • morbed
  • oversaw the variety oneshot night till the very end
  • Have organised a Charity Vigil meeting time
  • Account Bal- nevermind

Treasurer's Report (Jack):

  • definitely submitted oday grants :wink:
  • ran mausritter for variety oneshots yippeee
  • stole the shmoney shtuff off mr shmoneybags
  • basically master money at the moment
  • puzzle block classic my beloathed
  • lisan al gaib my beloved
  • Account Balance: 12,373.95 dolar
  • shmoney has made me get up to speed on semester grants so hooray so fun hooray

Secretary's Report (Chris):

  • No Report

Librarian's Report (Gen):

  • went to RPG O'Day, and variety oneshot (very fun events, thank you so much our wonderful members who were involved xxxxx)
  • submitted emps and booked the loft for both Social Deduction Boardgames and Call of Cthulhu oneshot night (will put advertising up for CoC this week)
  • made an attempt to repair wingspan!! we'll see how she goes
  • my degree is kicking my ass lol

Fresher Rep's Report (Cooper):

  • Attended RPG Oday and Variety One Shot night.
  • Have helped create EMP for Social Intrigue night and put up announcements for it.
  • I have asked each of the fresher Gms for their availabilities and preferable number of players to help with creating groups.

OCMs' Reports (Jeremy, Nene, Nix, Oscar):

  • Jeremy:

    • Mausritter is swaggy for real fr
    • COME TO PROSH WEDNESDAY 20th!!! :explosion_emoji:
    • Exhausted in week 3 yayyy...
    • Gotten concerningly decent at MTG Arena
  • Nene:

    • went to variety oneshot night and ran motw, had an excellent time
    • set date for first charity vigil meeting (this friday)
    • also did mini food run with connor on thursday. got water
    • got sick : (
    • won fortnite three times in the past week
  • Nix:

    • Started printing out minis for the intro to wargaming
    • probably won't be able to do them all in time
    • can someone teach me how do the form pleas
    • also when is the book buy I have ideas 😈
  • Oscar:

    • Variety Oneshot Night went well! 7 tables of attendees
    • i have managed to find a way to intersect my beloveds (Larp and Writing) and i am happy
    • we love temp sec-ing
    • 95 days til end of semester, 234 days til Halloween, 289 days til Christmas

Immediate Past President's Report (Jackie):

  • Jackie has attended: 3/3 (100% WR)== Meeting
    • got 7 hours of UWA work tomorrow oTL
    • helped organise variety oneshot night on the night
    • also helped sort out venue emergency for the oneshot
    • need to print stuff out this week
    • occasionally woke up in cold sweats thinking about oday grants
    • i think there was one other thing but i forgor??
    • i moved lab times to make sure i could come

Past Action Items:

Action Items:


give Jeremy the Prosh Stuff - Done


(with Nene) Round up Charity Vigil Subcom - Done


Do week 3 TCGs announcement - Done


(with Cooper) Social Deduction Board Games EMP and Advertising - Done

Call of Cthulhu EMP and Advertising - In Progress

Write an "ice notice" - Not Done


(with Gen) Social Deduction Board Games EMP and Advertising - Done


(with Jeremy) A-maze-ing Board Games EMP and Advertising - Not Done

Intro to Wargaming EMP and Advertising - Not Done


(with Nix) A-maze-ing Board Games EMP and Advertising - Not Done


(with Connor) Round up Charity Vigil Subcom - Done


Read handovers/ask for verbal handovers. - In Progress

Send Jackie your fridge/freezer photos - Not Done >> DONE: Jack, Gen, Nene > NOT DONE: Josh, Connor, Chris, Jeremy, Nix, Oscar, Cooper

Usual Suspects

Board Games

Social Deduction Board Games - Wednesday 13th @ 4pm (Week 3)
  • That's tomorrow!
  • "come" - Gen
A-maze-ing Board Games - (Week 5)
  • E.g. Night Cage, Magic Maze, Betrayal, Dungeon games etc.

    Jeremy, Nix: A-maze-ing Board Games EMP and Advertising


RPG O'Day - Tuesday 5th @ 4PM (Week 2)
  • List of Games Repped:
    • Lewis: torchbearer + mouse guard
    • Seraph: print weaver
    • Chris: mutants & masterminds + spire/heart
    • Winslade: 13th age + hero kids
    • Gwyn: masks + pbta
    • Gen: Good Society
  • Went very well!
    • ~20 attendees
  • Feedback form up soon

    Josh: put up feedback form for RPG O'Day

Variety Oneshot Night - Friday the 8th of March @ 5PM
  • Games that were there:
    • Call of Cthulhu
    • Heart: The City Beneath
    • 13th Age
    • ICRPG
    • Monster of the Week
    • Call of Catthulhu
    • Mausritter
  • Very successful
    • 35 attendees, 42 including GMs
    • Every system had a table!
  • Thank you Jackie, Emerald, PROSH marshalls and directors for making sure we still had rooms
Call of Cthulu Oneshot - Wednesday 20th of March @ 5pm (Week 4)
  • GMs have been contacted, EMP done
  • Advertising being put out later this week
  • It's the night after PROSH


Magic: The Gavining
SNOM - Sunday 10th of March @ 11AM
  • It happened
  • Went well(?)
Intro to Pokemon - Tuesday 12th of March @ 3pm (Week 3)
  • Chris is running the event as we speak
    • Total attendance of 6
    • lots of other stuff going on at the same time
Intro to MTG - Thursday 14th of March @ 3pm (Week 3)
  • it has not yet happened
  • come this thursday to learn magic
  • get nicol bolased


Intro to Wargaming - (Week 4)
  • Jackie may have done the EMP already??

    Nix: Intro to Wargaming EMP and Advertising

Wargaming Tournament - Wednesday 3rd of April @ 8:30am (Study Week 1)
  • It is in EZONE NTH Learning Studio [:109]
  • Matt has details
  • Advertising has been done

    Nix: Annoy Matt about Wargaming

Intro to Painting - Tuesday 19th of March @ 2pm (Week 4)
  • Cam may be able to bring air-brush

    Josh: Intro to Painting Advertising

Fresher Campaigns

  • Fresher Campaign Form is up! Get on there!
  • Organised time to go over how Fresher Campaigns work
  • Availabilities and Preferences for GMs are up
  • Group assignment will happen later

Access Department collab (Community Chats) - Tuesday 5/3 @ 11am-1pm

  • 10 attendees
  • Went smoothly
  • Have continued to borrow out boardgames for future Community Chats

Prosh - Wednesday the 20th of March

  • New prosh marshal needed
    • Jeremy
  • PROSHlympics is tomorrow!
    • Josh is going to put up a post immediately after the meeting
    • If we get enough people we do it, otherwise we ghost
  • Not required to attend in order to do PROSH

    Josh: Put up PROSHlympics post Jeremy: PROSH advertising

Club Carnival - Tuesday 26th of March (Week 5)

  • 1 trestle table
  • Week 5???
  • EFTPOS Air
    • A little finicky but usable
    • option for events but not for general use in the clubroom
  • New Advertising method: electronic posters
  • Signups due this Friday

Tokyo Alley - 10am to 5pm - Saturday 13th of April (Week 6 (after study week))

  • Anime Convention and Artist Market
    • We're gonna be running a boardgame chill out zone
  • Got an email from them today
    • Want to enter into a mutual partnership with Unigames
      • Josh is gonna email back to ask for more details
  • need to wear hi-vis for setup and packdown
  • No-one is expected/required to attend, but "it'd be really cool if you did"

    Josh: Respond to Tokyo Alley

Charity Vigil -
  • Reps are Connor and Nene
  • Subcom has been wrangled, budget is being budgeted
  • This year is just Unigames, UNISFA, UCC

Far Future Events

Unigames [Redacted] - Soon
  • sorting roles
Upcoming Subcommittees/Reps
  • Charity Vigil - Connor, Nene
  • Roleplay 4 Life - Chris, Nix
  • Relay 4 Life - Gen, Oscar (vibe it)
  • Quiz Night - Jack (Dark), Nix (Light)
  • Joint [Redacted]? - Jack, Cooper, Connor
  • Uncharity - Josh, Jeremy
  • Dice Bag Workship - Oscar, Gen
    • In the future at some point


  • Approved
    • $119.90 to Connor for Food Run
    • $21.99 to Gen for Ice Cube Tray
    • $249 to Gen for Fresher Welcome Pizza
    • $46.38 to David for carpet tape
    • $8.80 to to Connor for paper towels
    • $268.18 to Connor for 21/02 food run
    • $332.31 to Gibbi for O'Day
    • $240 to Gibbi for Karlov booster boxes
    • $96 to Gibbi for new deck boxes
  • Pending
  • Unsubmitted


SOCPAC - 27/2


  • Side Panels
    • Nupdates
  • Tenancy contract
    • to be scanned

General Business


  • Welcome to our new Gatekeepers!
    • Jorja Cowan
    • Finn Gearon
    • Lloyd Easton
    • Apollo Walters

      Josh, Connor: Notify gatekeepers


  • Nupdates

Unify App

  • Apparently bad

Room Updates

  • Carpets
  • New Kallax, Small Shelf, Chairs

    Gen: Write an "ice notice"


  • Flamecraft Splat Buy
    • nupdates
  • Painting Guide
    • nupdates?

      Jackie: Reprint and Laminate the Painting Guide

  • How to Play Wargames doc for Intro to Wargaming

    Nix: How to Play Wargames Guide

  • Damaged library items
    • Ask gatekeepers to check games after they are returned

      Gen: Repair damaged games

Food Runs

  • may need bigger food run next week
  • Nene's mum is willing to help bring stuff in from the Casuarina Costco for the club???
    • Would probably need more organisation
      • Couldn't do freezer meals + icecreams

Phoenix Revival

  • Nupdates

Uploading Old Minutes

  • Nupdates


Everyone: Read handovers/ask for verbal handovers.

Fridge Photos

  • oi @committee go do this

    Everyone: Send Jackie your fridge/freezer photos

Action Items

Jackie: Print out merch poster Meeting closed: 6:25 PM