Unigames Committee Meeting #3 - 19/03/2024

by Chris Leak 19/03/24

Unigames Committee Meeting #3 - 19/03/2024

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  • Josh
  • Connor
  • Jack
  • Chris
  • Gen
  • Cooper
  • Jeremy
  • Nene
  • Nix
  • Oscar
  • Jackie



Meeting scheduled: 4:00PM

Meeting open: 4:14PM


President's Report (Josh):

  • Been messaging 1 morbillion people
  • Been dealing with the guild website with varying levels of success
  • Parking got me feeling the whole range of emotions
  • I am getting more recognition as president then jackie ever did, it feels undeserved

Vice President's Report (Connyah):

  • Attended Charity Vigil Subcom Meeting
  • Completed Charity Vigil Budget and EMP (with help from Nene)
  • Fixed Uncharity Vigil Profit Distribution, and then took out my anger on Lethal Company

Treasurer's Report (Jack):

  • waheyyyyyy steam spring sale!!! goodbye wallet!!
  • prosh 2nite baby!!
  • shmitty is gonna bully me about float i think
  • like nothing happened this week lol
  • Account Balance: 12,873.89 dollarydoos
    • Everything should have been processed 🙂

Secretary's Report (Chris):

  • Auuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuughhghhgghghgh
  • end of report

Librarian's Report (Gen):

  • excited for prosh!
  • also excited for Call of Cthulhu!!! Be sure to come to that one
  • put out ice announcement
  • painted my dog
    • Clarification: painted a painting of her dog

Fresher Rep's Report (Cooper):

  • Have completed allocations of all fresher campaigns and contacted gms. Dealing with multiple missing people but it's going well. Exhausted and interested to see how long I last tonight

OCMs' Reports (Jeremy, Nene, Nix, Oscar):

  • Jeremy:

    • Got my unigame account sorted yay yippe i can borrow people i mean let book borrow people i mean let people borrow thing
    • Account balance: 1 doler
      • Note: not unigames account balance
    • Finally submitted my pics :snap:
  • Nene:

    • had first charity vigil committee meeting, almost everything for that is in motion now, i believe we have another this week?
    • attending prosh tonight. excited
    • wrote up costco proposal
    • won fortnite 4 times this week
    • otherwise didnt do much : (
  • Nix:

    • finished EMPs and advertising for wargaming events
    • painting event is on rn !!!
    • $120 poorer
    • can I get a chair next time
  • Oscar:

    • gen 5 pokemon's lack of QoL hurts me spiritually
    • oh boy can't wait for prosh overnight (i will combust)
    • Managed to give Jackie a new fear (Mr. Blobby)
    • 88 days til end of semester, 237 days til Halloween, 282 days til Christmas

Immediate Past President's Report (Jackie):

  • Jackie has attended: 4/4 (100% WR)== Meeting
    • something something masters is kicking my ass but also not? very strange
    • just been around the room introducing people to unigames + CH
    • made a printable thing for the merch we sell + found the painting guide to reprint for lamination
    • helped connor with whipping uncharity vigil to wrap up

Past Action Items:

Action Items:


put up feedback form for RPG O'Day (done)

Intro to Painting Advertising (done by nix)

Put up PROSHlympics post (done by jeremy)

Respond to Tokyo Alley (done)

(with Connor) Notify gatekeepers (done)


(with Josh) Notify gatekeepers (done)


Write an "ice notice" (done)

Repair damaged games (in poggerz)


(with Jeremy) A-maze-ing Board Games EMP and Advertising (not done)

Intro to Wargaming EMP and Advertising (done)

Annoy Matt about Wargaming (not done)

How to Play Wargames Guide (not done)


(with Nix) A-maze-ing Board Games EMP and Advertising (not done)

PROSH advertising (done)


Reprint and Laminate the Painting Guide (not done)

Print out merch poster (not done)


Read handovers/ask for verbal handovers. (done (if not, cope))

Send Jackie your fridge/freezer photos (in poggerz)

Usual Suspects

Board Games

A-maze-ing Board Games - (Week 5)
  • E.g. Night Cage, Magic Maze, Betrayal, Dungeon games etc.

    Jeremy, Nix: A-maze-ing Board Games EMP and Advertising

Speed Boardgames - (Week 6)

Oscar: EMP and Advertising for Speed Boardgames

Dexterity Boardgames - (Week 8)

Nene: EMP and Advertising for Dexterity Boardgames


RPG O'Day - Tuesday 5th @ 4PM (Week 2)
  • List of Games Repped:
    • Lewis: torchbearer + mouse guard
    • Seraph: print weaver
    • Chris: mutants & masterminds + spire/heart
    • Winslade: 13th age + hero kids
    • Gwyn: masks + pbta
    • Gen: Good Society
  • Went very well!
    • ~20 attendees
  • Feedback dropped
    • Good organisational feedback (verbal)
    • 5 form responses
    • Loft was a little warm (not much we can do about that, but valid)
Call of Cthulu Oneshot - Wednesday 20th of March @ 5pm (Week 4)
  • GMs have been contacted, EMP done
  • It's tomorrow!!!!
    • come along!!
Study Week Micro-RPG Oneshot Night - Study Week

Jack: EMP and Advertising for Micro-RPGs

The Good Society Oneshot Night - Week 7

Gen: EMP and Advertising for The Good Society

Dungeons and Dragons 5e Oneshot Night - Week 9

Jeremy: EMP and Advertising for DnD Oneshot Night


Magic: The Gavining
Intro to Pokemon - Tuesday 12th of March @ 3pm (Week 3)
  • It Happened
  • small but fun turnout
  • attendance: 5
Intro to MTG - Thursday 14th of March @ 3pm (Week 3)
  • it has now happened
  • come last thursday to learn magic
  • got nicol bolased
  • attendance: ~12
  • around 4 new players


Intro to Wargaming - Saturday 23rd of March @ 10am (Week 4)
  • EMP and Advertising Done
  • Come along!
Wargaming Tournament - Wednesday 3rd of April @ 8:30am (Study Week)
  • It is in EZONE NTH Learning Studio [:109]
  • Matt has details
  • Advertising has been done

    Nix: Annoy Matt about Wargaming

Intro to Painting - Tuesday 19th of March @ 2pm (Week 4)
  • Happening now!
  • Attendance: ~10
  • Potential long-running painting event??

Fresher Campaigns

  • Fresher Campaign Form is up! Get on there!
  • Applications done
  • Applications are still open, but no guarantees we will be able to place you in a game.

Access Department Partnership??

  • They do keep borrowin our games, which is cool!
  • Thoughts are we could organise something to streamline that process.

    Josh: Talk to Lucinda from Access Department

Prosh - Wednesday the 20th of March

  • Prosh is tomorrow morning!
    • "It's just gonna happen" - Josh

Club Carnival - Tuesday 26th of March (Week 5)

  • 1 trestle table
  • Week 5???
  • EFTPOS Air
    • A little finicky but usable
    • option for events but not for general use in the clubroom
  • New Advertising method: electronic posters
  • no other new details (as of week 4 tues)

Tokyo Alley - 10am to 5pm - Saturday 13th of April (Week 6 (after study week))

  • Anime Convention and Artist Market
    • We're gonna be running a boardgame chill out zone
  • Got an email from them today
    • Want to enter into a mutual partnership with Unigames
      • Josh is gonna email back to ask for more details
  • need to wear hi-vis for setup and packdown
  • No-one is expected/required to attend, but "it'd be really cool if you did"
  • Partnership idea is cool, but may swamp announcements with advertisements to little effect
Charity Vigil -
  • Reps are Connor and Nene
  • Subcom has been wrangled, budget has been budgeted
    • Short discussion on whether fridge money to charity, decided yes
  • This year is just Unigames, UNISFA, UCC
  • Tactics prizes in poggerz
    • Connor will send email shortly
  • Pizza form in poggerz
  • Auction prizes in poggerz
    • Maybe auction BloodBowl team colour
  • Next meeting on friday
Last Uncharity Vigil
  • Profit Distribution to be approved
  • Motion to approve Uncharity Vigil Profit Distribution
    • Passes unanimously

Far Future Events

Unigames [Redacted] - Soon
  • sorting roles
Upcoming Subcommittees/Prospective Reps
  • Roleplay 4 Life - Chris, Nix
  • Relay 4 Life - Gen, Oscar (vibe it)
  • Quiz Night - Jack (Dark), Nix (Light)
  • Joint [Redacted]? - Jack, Cooper, Connor
  • Uncharity Vigil - Josh, Jeremy
  • Dice Bag Workship - Oscar, Gen
    • In the future at some point


  • Approved
  • Pending
  • Unsubmitted


SOCPAC - 26/3

  • next meeting woohoo


  • Side Panels
    • Nupdates

General Business


  • Welcome to our new Gatekeepers!
    • Lewis Graham

      Josh, Connor: Notify gatekeepers


  • Nupdates

Room Updates

  • Carpets
    • idea 1: small carpet day during study break
    • idea 2: big carpet cleaning day during winter break
  • New Kallax, Small Shelf, Chairs


  • Flamecraft Splat Buy
    • nupdates
  • Painting Guide
    • nupdates

      Jackie: Reprint and Laminate the Painting Guide

  • How to Play Wargames doc for Intro to Wargaming

    Nix: How to Play Wargames Guide

  • Damaged library items
    • Ask gatekeepers to check games after they are returned

      Gen: Repair damaged games Josh: Ask gatekeepers to check games after they are returned

Food Runs

  • Connor food run moment
    • today!
  • Costco Doc from Nene + Nene's Mum
    • Everyone give that a read when you can

      Connor, Jack, Nene: Figure out Costco Run agreement Jack, Jeremy: Redo fridge price list

Phoenix Revival

  • Nupdates

Uploading Old Minutes

  • Nupdates

Fridge Photos

  • oi @committee go do this

    Everyone: Freezer quotes go

Action Items

Jackie: Print out merch poster Meeting closed: 6:43 PM