Unigames Committee Meeting #46 - 22/01/2024

by Joshua Annison 22/01/24

Unigames Committee Meeting #46 - 22/01/2024

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  • Jackie
  • Connor
  • Josh
  • Gen
  • James
  • Oscar
  • Chris
  • Gibbi
  • Hannah


  • David


  • Emerald

Meeting scheduled: 4:00PM

Meeting open: 4:20PM


President's Report (Jackie):

  • tokens currently being printed
  • I have made a sort of early sem one plan and we have some to dos to hand out today
  • uhhhhhhh
  • I need to make a receiving merch google form
  • also designed a cute little business card
  • done by start of sem (definitely (depending on how long printing takes))

Vice President's Report (Gibbi):

  • uncharity in poggers
  • advertising up in the next day or two
  • murder of markov karlov manor out soon poggers
  • oh yeah the ogm happened

Treasurer's Report (Connyah):

  • We’re like dirty dishes
  • Because we’re in sink
  • Account Balance: $10,712.00

Secretary's Report (Josh):

  • uploaded the 2022 and 2021 minutes to the new website, check them out now
  • secretary uhhh summary is practically done
  • i did do other stuff
  • come to l5r
  • warhammer hammed

Librarian's Report (David):

  • contacted people about flamecraft splat buy
  • played through pigeon dating sim hatoful boyfriend (ryouta #1)(san #1 >:()

Fresher Rep's Report (Gen):

  • They let me in to uni
  • I have painted a cat (killed it)
  • 25 days until i get to see taylor swift
  • (26) days until I turn 19

Reports de la OCM (Chris, Hannah, James, Oscar):

  • Chris:

    • ":thumbsup: :grimacing: idk :smile:" - Chris
    • Not a pokemon professor yet
    • pokemon is inchresting
  • Hannah:

    • working through the ball handover slowly but surely
    • summer courses are killing me with their constant tests
  • James:

    • BotC on Saturday. Y’all asked for it so y’all are getting it (might wink)
    • Video editing is an ongoing process
    • Pro Tip: If you’re living in a hotel by yourself and need to eat out at restaurants; bring a book with you and you’ll look less lonely
    • and the pizza was alright
  • Oscar:

    • tired
    • did my action item during the last meeting 😎
    • joined the token aesthetic committee
    • gen has been enlightened
      • vepis tastes warm

Immediate Past President's Report (Emerald):

  • Emerald has attended: ==16/47 (34.04% WR)== Meeting
    • Emerald would probably say something like...
      • I'm at work
      • I'm gonna be lifting soon
      • Wear sunscreen everyday, even if its cloudy, clouds dont stop UVB

Past action Items:

Action Items:


Finish merching it up - Done

Update UCC archive - IN POggers


Put painting guide in box - No


(with Oscar) Bump Blood Bowl Bsign-ups - Oscar Wins


Check choccie prices for 2 weeks straight - 1 week done

Start on Phoenix - In Poggers

Nut out old minutes - In Poggers


Contact people about flamecraft splatbuy - Done


EMP for Fresher welcome - Done

Print and laminate the botc noise sheet - Not Done


Talk to jon - EUGHHH

Long term boardgame organisation - Not Done

Message tactics about uncharity - Mid-Messaging?


Write ball handover - In Poggers


Nut out another BotC event - Done

Do gavin tav video - In Poggers


(with Connor) Bump Blood Bowl Bsign-ups - I win (Done)

Usual Suspects

Board Games

Long games - Thursday 8th of February
  • Will be done immediately

Chris: Talk to Jon about longterm board game organisation Chris: Long term board game organisation

BotC: Game and intro to storytelling - Saturday 27th of January @ 1-2PM (intro to storytelling) 2-6PM (games)
  • Was nutted out
  • split into two parts
    • A fabled "twofer oner"
||Redacted|| Boardgames - Tuesday or Wednesday 20th/21st
  • Gen is very eager to run this
  • Done before fresher start showing up
  • We don't have many freshers come in before then

Gen: Organise ||Redacted|| boardgames


L5R RPG - 23rd of January @ 5PM
  • Don't want to jump the shark but
  • no curse of ra in sight
  • touch wood
  • GM's: Merlin, Harlowe and Cam
Arc Oneshot 2: Electric Boogaloo - Thursday the 15th of February @ 5PM
  • Gibbi and Jackie organised times
  • Jackie will relearn how to run


Magic: The Gavining

  • There will be a quick play guide for Otharri RIGHT NOW IT IS REAL LETS GO (37 or so's until we did it lads)
  • Im working on it I swear
Booster Box buying Bhenanigans
  • Lost caverns is done
  • Will get some Karlov Manor (for now)
  • Same with New Capenna
    • +1 box of New Capenna

SNOM - Coming Soon

  • Gibbi won't be here for it


  • New play boosters
  • $45 entry
  • Gibbi will not be in the state leading up. to it
  • will do EMP and advertising for it
  • buy latest box of set?

Club decks: Gibbis Document

  • Playtesting this weekend
  • If you want to help you know where to find Gibbi
  • Also checked with the case company and they send shipments very infrequently, trust me i have been checking

Pokémon TCG

  • Problem 1
    • It has set rotations
    • Hard to build standard legal decks when they rotate out in March
    • Expanded
      • Doesn't rotate
      • Starts from black & white??
        • Still very powercreepy
      • Making standard decks, they will become expanded over time
      • Better to allow both instead of defining a clubroom format
    • Another possible format: Gym Leader Challenge
      • Singleton
      • Better themed decks
      • Has a ban list, no inherent sets that
      • More interesting for the club appeal: why play in Unigames when you can just play online
      • A cool format and cool selling point
      • Are all expanded legal as well (Probably)
    • Chris is going to "do some research" (play some gym leader challenge games)
  • Problem 2
    • Probably can't run prereleases in the clubroom, would have to do it through tactics :/
    • But we can advertise for tactics for these events


Broader Wargaming Discussion
  • Budget:
    • Nupdates
Early January Doubles Warhammer 10e Open w/ Matt - 18th of January @ 8:30am-6:30pm
  • Went well
  • Dinkies were appreciated
  • Everyone had fun
  • 14~ Attendees
Painting Competition - Due on the 5th of February
  • Call Gen curiosity the way she
  • killed the cat
  • 2 more weeks guys
Bloodbowl League - Sign-Ups closed
  • It's starting pretty damn soon
  • Sign-ups closed however you can message a committee member/comissioner if you still want to sign up (no guarantees)

Fresher Campaigns

  • Yep
  • Nothing changed since last week

Gen: New Fresher campaign form

40th Anniversary

  • Waiting on printing of tokens
  • Will be here early feb
  • Mainly just smoothing out the ball stuff for future committees

Hannah: Write ball handover

Jackie: Make 40th ball form for people who cannot pick up merch from the clubroom

Uncharity Vigil - Saturday 3rd to 4th starting at 4PM

  • Hello, advertising up soon
  • Organising oneshots needs to be done
  • Will figure out exact auction items next week
  • UCC waiting for next meeting to agree with profit split
  • What do we want to raffle/auction
    • Raffle
      • "the ship thing"
      • paintball tickets
      • "Things from Josh's sister"
    • Auction
      • Monopoly
        • Starting at $0
      • Axis and Allies
        • Starting at $10
      • Unigames playmats
        • Starting at $15
  • Dragon stuff is organised
    • Jackie has this sorted

Chris: Message tactics about uncharity

O'Day 2024 - Friday 23rd of February 11:00AM - 3PM

  • Message gatekeepers at some point about this
  • Probably next week
  • Need volunteers
  • need Fresher guides
  • need people to set up
  • Also need to book a card reader

OGM - Tuesday the 16th of January @ 1PM

  • Happened
  • Didn't get quorum
  • We have tabled amendments to the end of the AGM

Fresher Welcome - 29th of February from 4PM to late

  • Has started being organised
  • Advertising not up for a while
  • Will push during first week of semester

Gen: Book chairs for fresher welcome

AGM - 1st of March @ 1PM

  • Thread up next week

Far Future Events

Meowdy future secretary, you can deal with this stuff VVV

Fresher Guide

  • To be typed and printed:
    • Quotes
    • Prez Speech
    • Frep Speech

Week 2

  • RPG O'Day - Contacting people needed
  • Variety Oneshot - Contacting people needed

Week 3

  • Card games week
    • Magic - Gibbi
    • Pokemon - Chris
  • and boardgame (social deduction?? )

Week 4

  • Intro to wargaming - Matt, will need to be contacted
  • Intro 2 painting - :) (its a painting day)
    • RPG - Call of Cthulu
    • SNOM

Tokyo Alley 12 adventure- 13th of April from 10am to 5pm

  • We got an email
    • Its green
    • Perth convention centre
    • They are honoured to have us (the fools)
    • will be able to cater to our needs, very cool
    • Jackie will respond saying "ayyy thats-a pretty pogger"


  • Approved
  • Pending
  • Unsubmitted
    • $419.35 to Jackie for Foodrun
    • $25.50 to Jackie for Primer
    • $149.20 to Jackie for 40th Anniversary Tokens


SOCPAC - Tuesday 30th of January

  • Dates come out for SLT training
  • Will need to do this


  • We wait for reallocation...

General Business:


  • No new Gatekeepers


  • No new Webkeepers

Room Update

  • Now require password
  • Can use a UCC account OR use the password in the clubroom
  • You can also message a committee member or gatekeeper for the password
New Kallax
  • Waiting on Tenancy Allocations
New Printed Banner
  • Waiting on Tenancy Allocations


Book Buy 2: Electric Boogaloo - 4th of December
  • Waiting on:
    • Ink
SPLATBuy - Flamecraft
  • Waiting on tactics to stock up
  • Multiple people are interested in pitching in
David's Archival 'Stuff'
  • Nupdates
BotC Noise
  • Nupdates

    Gen: Print and laminate the botc noise sheet

Painting Guide

Gibbi: Bring in painting guide in box

Food runs

  • Need more cans
Chocolate prices
  • It is not promising

    Josh: Check choccie prices for 2 weeks straight


  • Donald working on big update
    • Advanced search coming
    • Webcam integration coming

Phoenix Revival

  • Ahhh its gonna come

Frosh: Make phoenix come

Archiving Old Minutes

  • UCC Archive updates as well as porting over old minutes to new website

Frosh: Nut out old minutes Jackie: Update UCC archive

Committee Business

  • Handovers: Start working on them
  • Fresher Guide Quote: Start working on them

Gen's Questions about Good Society SPLATBuy

  • Not a confirmed SPLATBuy
  • Gen had some questions about Good Society
  • Base or expansion
  • Base - $110
  • Expansion - $240
    • Can add magic
    • more npcs
    • war expansion
    • lots of stuff

/gavin tav

  • 2 Options
    • Both videos out in 2 hours
    • Or super high quality

James: Do gavin tav video

Unigames Members: Ask James if he is editing video

Meeting closed: 5:57 PM