Unigames Committee Meeting #47 - 22/01/2024

by Joshua Annison 22/01/24

Unigames Committee Meeting #47 - 22/01/2024

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  • Jackie
  • Connor
  • Josh
  • Gen
  • James
  • Oscar
  • Hannah
  • David


  • Chris
  • Gibbi


  • Emerald

Meeting scheduled: 3:00PM

Meeting open: 3:10PM


President's Report (Jackie):

  • merch warehouse bedroom so real
  • email & announcement for merch coming out this week
  • attempted to stick a carpet tile down, ran out of tape, L president

Vice President's Report (Gibbi):

  • No Report

Treasurer's Report (Connyah):

  • Had some combo of noodles in a hot liquid 4x last week
  • Account Balance: $10,712.00

Secretary's Report (Josh):

  • L5R was good
  • ????

Librarian's Report (David):

  • i start full time work in a week
  • cleaned up the monolith
  • tidied up the club stationery

Fresher Rep's Report (Gen):

  • booked chairs for fresher welcome
  • emp for innuendo board games
  • new fresher gm form
  • doing uncharity things

Reports de la OCM (Chris, Hannah, James, Oscar):

  • Chris:

    • ":thumbsup: :grimacing: idk :smile:" - Chris
    • Not a pokemon professor yet
    • pokemon is inchresting
  • Hannah:

    • working through the ball handover slowly but surely
    • summer courses are killing me with their constant tests
  • James:

    • BotC on Saturday. Y’all asked for it so y’all are getting it (might wink)
    • Video editing is an ongoing process
    • Pro Tip: If you’re living in a hotel by yourself and need to eat out at restaurants; bring a book with you and you’ll look less lonely
    • and the pizza was alright
  • Oscar:

    • :skull: :crying_cat_face:
    • nothing to report

Immediate Past President's Report (Emerald):

  • Emerald has attended: ==16/48 (33.33% WR)== Meeting
    • Emerald would probably say something like...
      • I'm at work
      • I am gonna help do merch
      • I'm gonna be lifting soon
      • Wear sunscreen everyday, even if its cloudy, clouds dont stop UVB

Past action Items:

Action Items:


Make 40th ball form for people who cannot pick up merch from the clubroom - In Poggers

Update UCC archive - In Poggers


Bring in painting guide in box - Not Done


Check choccie prices for 2 weeks straight - Its Joever Chocheads

Make phoenix come - Not Yet

Nut out old minutes - Nut out a lot of old minutes


Organise ||redacted|| boardgames - EMP done

New Fresher campaign form - Done

Book chairs for fresher welcome - Done

Print and laminate the botc noise sheet - Not Done


Talk to Jon about longterm boardgame organisation - Probably?

Long term boardgame organisation - In Poggers

Message tactics about uncharity - Tomorrow Job


Write ball handover - In Poggers


Do gavin tav video - It's Going

Usual Suspects

Board Games

Long games - Thursday 8th of February
  • EMP 2night

Chris: Long term boardgame EMP and advertising

BotC: Game and intro to storytelling - Saturday 27th of January @ 1-2PM (intro to storytelling) 2-6PM (games)
  • Went well
  • ran out of time for storytelling part but ran the games well, everyone had fun :)
  • Maybe another one soon??? Probably on a Friday???
||Redacted|| Boardgames - Tuesday 20th of Feb @ 6PM
  • EMP and loft booking done
  • Advertising up soon

Gen: Organise ||redacted|| boardgames


L5R RPG - 23rd of January @ 5PM
  • 11 total attendees
  • More on L5R ;)
  • Ran well, everyone enjoyed it
  • Thank god I ran this event before the end of my term :)
Arc Oneshot 2: Electric Boogaloo - Thursday the 15th of February @ 5PM
  • Jackie will do EMP tonight

Jackie: Arc EMP and loft booking


Magic: The Gavining

  • There will be a quick play guide for Otharri RIGHT NOW IT IS REAL LETS GO (37 or so's until we did it lads)
  • Im working on it I swear
Booster Box buying Bhenanigans
  • Will get some Karlov Manor (for now)
  • 3 packs + 1 box of New Capenna
    • +1 box of New Capenna (maybe for a draft?)

SNOM - Coming Soon

  • idk we may not have time???

Murder! at the Karlov Manor Release -

  • New play boosters
  • $45 entry
  • We will need to ask Gibbi about this
  • Alistair is an idiot
  • "Great googly fucking moogly" - Jackie??


Club decks: Gibbis Document

  • We playtested it
  • Gibbi is almost done with them
  • Gibbiiiii think about vigiillllllll

Pokémon TCG

  • Nupdates


Broader Wargaming Discussion
  • Budget
    • Nupdates
Painting Competition - Due on the 5th of February
  • 3 submissions
    • 1 more week guys! just one more week!
Bloodbowl League
  • It's started
  • they been playing
  • even as we speak

Fresher Campaigns

  • Nothing changed since last week

Gen: Freshers SignUp Form make it do it

40th Anniversary

  • Idk how they did it so fast
  • May need a slight budget increase to get toploader protector sleeve things so that the token does not get squishied or bent
  • Email and announcement coming out this week
  • Buy merch at uncharity vigil

Hannah: Write ball handover

Jackie: Make 40th ball form for people who cannot pick up merch from the clubroom

Uncharity Vigil - Saturday 3rd to 4th starting at 4PM

  • PCS has pulled out of uncharity vigil
  • EMP approved
  • Event schedules getting done
  • What do we want to raffle/auction
    • Raffle
      • "the ship thing"
      • paintball tickets
      • "Things from Josh's sister"
    • Auction
      • Monopoly
        • Starting at $0
      • Axis and Allies
        • Starting at $10
      • Unigames playmats
        • Starting at $15
  • Dragon stuff is organised
    • Submit dragons!!!
    • On facebook or discord!!!
  • Who will be here:
    • Setup: 3:30PM-4PM
      • James
      • Jackie
    • Cleanup:
      • Jackie
      • Josh
      • Others maybe??
  • We can post our auctions in the chat

    Chris: Pickup raffle prizes

O'Day 2024 - Friday 23rd of February 11:00AM - 3PM

Jackie: Message Gatekeepers about O'Day

Fresher Welcome - 29th of February from 4PM to late

  • Chairs have been booked

AGM - 1st of March @ 1PM

  • Time to post thread

Far Future Events

Meowdy future secretary, you can deal with this stuff VVV

Fresher Guide

  • To be typed and printed:
    • Quotes
    • Prez Speech
    • Frep Speech

Week 2

  • RPG Oday - Contacting people next week
  • Variety Oneshot - Contacting people needed

Week 3

  • Card games week
    • Magic - Gibbi
    • Pokemon - Chris
  • and boardgame (social deduction?? )

Week 4

  • Intro to wargaming - Matt, will need to be contacted
  • Intro 2 painting - :) (its a painting day)
    • RPG - Call of Cthulu
    • SNOM

Tokyo Alley 12 adventure- 13th of April from 10am to 5pm

  • We emailed them back
  • will be in contact with us around march
  • thus we wait


  • Approved
  • Pending
  • Unsubmitted
    • $419.35 to Jackie for Foodrun
    • $25.50 to Jackie for Primer
    • $149.20 to Jackie for 40th Anniversary Tokens
    • $49.72 to James for Uncharity Vigil Raffle Prizes


SOCPAC - Tuesday 30th of January @ 6PM

  • I am going (Josh)


  • We wait for reallocation...

General Business:


  • No new Gatekeepers


  • No new Webkeepers

Room Update

New Kallax
  • Waiting on Tenancy Allocations
New Printed Banner
  • Waiting on Tenancy Allocations


Book Buy 2: Electric Boogaloo - 4th of December
  • Waiting on:
    • Ink
SPLATBuy - Flamecraft
  • Still waiting
Donation - Merlin's 3 L5R Expansion Books
  • Books Include:
    • Shadowlands
    • Courts of Stone
    • Celestial Realms
  • Librarians Thoughts:
    • Cringe fail president
    • 8 on RPG Geek, seems good

  • L5R is pretty popular anyway
  • Motion to Accept the donation of Merlins 3 L5R Exapansion Books
    • Unanimous
David's Archival 'Stuff'
  • We should look in the monolith to see if we need all of it because MAN
BotC Noise
  • Nupdates

    Gen: Print and laminate the botc noise sheet

Painting Guide

Gibbi: Bring in painting guide in box

Food runs

  • We are out of water WAAA
  • Food Run Tomorrow
Chocolate prices
  • 50% off we can get them
  • Josh doesn't know price of a choccy
  • We can cope (for now)


  • Jackie wants to make a cardgames general
    • Okay
    • Done

Phoenix Revival

  • Ahhh its gonna come

Frosh: Make phoenix come

Archiving Old Minutes

  • UCC Archive updates as well as porting over old minutes to new website

Frosh: Nut out old minutes Jackie: Update UCC archive

Committee Business

  • Handovers: Start working on them
  • Fresher Guide Quote: Start working on them
  • Minutes are now 4:30PM

/gavin tav

  • In Pogress

James: Do gavin tav video

Unigames Members: Ask James if he is editing video

Meeting closed: 4:15 PM