Unigames Committee Meeting #48 - 05/02/2024

by Joshua Annison 05/02/24

Unigames Committee Meeting #48 - 05/02/2024

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  • Jackie
  • Connor
  • Josh
  • David
  • Gen
  • James
  • Oscar
  • Chris


  • Gibbi
  • Hannah


  • Emerald

Meeting scheduled: 4:30PM

Meeting open: 4:33PM


President's Report (Jackie):

  • free from being merch warehouse
  • congrats on dragonfruit dragon, everyone eat ur fruits
  • yea

Vice President's Report (Gibbi):

  • Organising club deck things from the shadows
    • (over east)

Treasurer's Report (Connyah):

  • Uncharity was slay :nail_care:
  • Account Balance: $10,117.95

Secretary's Report (Josh):

  • Uncharity was pog
  • Pretty happy with Dragon Fruit
  • Did some phoenixing :eyes:
  • no old minutes uploaded, nor last weeks, I forgot and was Uber busy

Librarian's Report (David):

  • erm, sorry i'm late laugh track
  • starting full time work today
  • mostly finished the librarian handover

Fresher Rep's Report (Gen):

  • A NEW ALBUM?????
  • A NEW ALBUM?????????????????
  • DOES THIS WOMAN NOT SLEEP????????????????
  • attended uncharity & helped w various organisational things
  • print and laminated botc noise sheet
  • advertising for ▇▇▇▇ boardgames
  • 11 days until I see Taylor Swift!!

Reports de la OCM (Chris, Hannah, James, Oscar):

  • Chris:

    • "auuugh???"
    • EMP will be done late, but I don't care
  • Hannah:

    • dragon fruit dragon my beloved
    • somehow summer semester is over and I now have exams already
    • hope vigil was fun and that the sleep deprivation wasn’t too bad!!
  • James:

    • Went to UnCharity Vigil and was told that I was evil for asking about wherever or not a guard has family when thinking of ideas to get past the guard
  • Oscar:

    • Stay Awake at Uncharity Vigil challenge definitely not failed (i didn’t fall asleep at 4:30am please don’t kill me security)
    • facebook hates me… :(
      • stop rejecting my id it’s real i swear

Immediate Past President's Report (Emerald):

  • Emerald has attended: ==16/49 (32.65% WR)== Meeting
    • Emerald would probably say something like...
      • I'm at work
      • I helped with packing merch
      • I'm gonna be lifting soon
      • Wear sunscreen everyday, even if its cloudy, clouds dont stop UVB

Past action Items:

Action Items:


Arc EMP and loftbooking - All but advertising

Make 40th ball form for people who cannot pick up merch from the clubroom - Done

Message Gatekeepers about O'Day - Not Done

Update UCC archive - Not Done


Bring in painting guide in box - Not Done :)


Make phoenix come - Not completely

Nut out old minutes - Not completely


Organise ||redacted|| boardgames - Done

Freshers SignUp Form make it do it - Done

Print and laminate the botc noise sheet - Done


Long term boardgame EMP and advertising - Not Advertising, will do tonight

Pickup raffle prizes - "I ended up doing that" - Jackie


Write ball handover - In Pogress


Do gavin tav video - In Pogress

Usual Suspects

Board Games

Long games - Friday 9th of February @ 1PM
  • Advertising 2night

Chris: Long term boardgame Advertising

||Innuendo|| Boardgames - Tuesday 20th of Feb @ 6PM
  • Please come!
    • ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)
BotC Events w/ James - Monday the 12th of February @ 11am-4pm
  • Probably the last one before James goes back to "Merry Old England"


Arc Oneshot 2: Electric Boogaloo - Thursday the 15th of February @ 5PM
  • Jackie will put up advertising later this week
  • Come play a game where you decide what game you are playing

    Jackie: Arc advertising

Variety Oneshot Night
  • This is soon wuh-oh
  • Jackie will ask some GM's bout this
  • This is soon wuh-oh
  • Jackie will put out interest for people who are interested


Magic: The Gavining

Booster Box buying Bhenanigans
  • Will get some Karlov Manor (for now)
    • Waiting for Gibbi to get back regarding this
  • We are out, keeping New Capenna for a draft

SNOM - Sunday 25th of February

  • There WILL be a SNOM
  • Gibbi will do an EMP

Gibbi: EMP for SNOM

Murder! at the Karlov Manor Release - Sunday 11th of February @ 11am

  • New play boosters
  • $45 entry
  • Will need someone to pick up the box this week
    • James or Chris something like that

Club decks: Gibbis Document

  • Goodgames has got some deck boxes back in stock and will have some aside for Gibbi so that they can give him a quote when he gets back

Pokémon TCG

  • Chris will swap out Gardevoir deck because it is a "bit mid"
    • Probably roaring moon?


Broader Wargaming Discussion
  • Budget
    • Jackie will message cam today
Painting Competition - Due on the 5th of February
  • It's due in about 3 hours
  • about half have submitted so far
Bloodbowl League
  • From what Oscar has heard it is going good still
    • Will message cam for some info

Fresher Campaigns

  • Forms have been made, Jackie will check over them

40th Anniversary

  • Merch is now in the clubroom!
  • If you bought some at the ball come in and pick it up from a gatekeeper
    • if not, message Jackie and we can figure out a way to get it to you
  • Excess merch is being sold in the clubroom
    • $4 per sticker, 1 of each sticker design is $10 for a set of 3
    • $5 for double sided token
    • $10 lanyard keychain
    • $15 for velvet dicebag

Hannah: Write ball handover

Uncharity Vigil - Saturday 3rd to 4th starting at 4PM

  • Waiting on wrap up meeting
    • Probably this Sunday
  • We raised about $1000 as a club before the profit split
  • New Dragon: Dragonfruit Dragon
  • Feedback:
    • Scheduling this year was better
    • Overlapping oneshots doesn't work that great
    • We should probably put up advertising sooner

O'Day 2024 - Friday 23rd of February 11:00AM - 3PM

  • Committee: Make sure to block it off
  • set up 9:30 latest, preferably earlier
  • will need to pick up and return the card reader machine
  • need to make sure we return the square reader to guild finance from (we have it from 10:30 to 3:30)
    • will have a shmall fee for members paying by card
  • Jackie: Message Gatekeepers about O'Day

Fresher Welcome - 29th of February from 4PM to late

  • Advertising up after O'Day
  • Contact dominos on the 22nd about the biiiiig order

AGM - 1st of March @ 1PM

  • It's up
  • put in nominations!!!
  • we already have a lot so far, and the OCM bloodbath hasn't even started

Far Future Events

Meowdy future secretary, you can deal with this stuff VVV

Fresher Guide

  • GET YOUR "stuff" IN FRFR
  • To be typed and printed:
    • Quotes
    • Prez Speech
    • Frep Speech
  • Jackie will need to do straight, tall, curly and small dragons
  • Printing deadline 15th of February
  • Committee discord for final designs of dragon

    Jackie: start updating fresher guide and dragon design

Week 2

  • RPG O'Day - Contacting people next week
  • Variety Oneshot - Contacting people needed

Oscar: Contact people for variety oneshot

Week 3

  • Card games week
    • Magic - Gibbi
    • Pokemon - Chris probably Tuesday 3PM
  • and boardgame (social deduction??)

Week 4

  • Intro to wargaming - Matt, will need to be contacted
  • Intro 2 painting - :) (its a painting day)
    • RPG - Call of Cthulu
    • SNOM

Jackie: Contact Matt about Intro to Wargaming

Tokyo Alley 12 adventure- 13th of April from 10am to 5pm

  • Nupdates


  • Approved
    • $2.00 to Gen for laminating (in Cash)
    • $11.90 to Jackie for toploaders for merch (in Cash)
  • Pending
  • Unsubmitted
    • $49.72 to James for Uncharity Vigil Raffle Prizes
    • $218.60 to Connor for Food Run
    • $50.70 to Connor for Milk and Red Eye Run
    • $49.30 to Connor for Additional Red Eyes Run


SOCPAC - Tuesday 30th of January @ 6PM

  • I went along with shmoney, Jackie and James

    • New SOC Committee
      • Prez - Max
      • VP Joe
      • Sec - Theresa
      • Trez - Nic
      • OCM's
        • Lorenzo
        • Zoe
        • Haylee
    • ERFs are due 20 Uni working days after AGM
    • do not reply all to guild emails (it will be very funny though
    • SLT dates:
      • 7th-8th February
      • 14th-15th February
      • 3rd-4th April
      • compulsory for 2 execs including prez
      • compulsory for 4 execs to organise a camp
      • Respectful Relationships Module required as part of course
    • O'Day

      • Bookings due Thursday 25 of Jan
      • payments due 2nd of Feb
      • read through info pack
      • We are all done with this already

      • Sem 1 Week 2 5th-8th
      • 100 per session
      • Guild supplies fencing and security
      • We supply food, alcohol, RSA committee member, vibes, UWA occasional liquor license
      • apps close Monday 5th EMP due feb 13
      • we gotta clean up after ourselves
      • Doesn't apply to us really, our "sundowners" are fresher welcome
    • Club Carnival
      • 26th of march Tuesday Week 5
      • Later than usual, honestly not the worst change? Probably?
    • TREZ training on Facebook and website and email
      • They will take our money if the trez cringe fails
    • Tenancy
      • Expect allocations to be done by O'Day
    • Grants
      • 10% deduction from semester grants if we don't attend meetings
      • Changed the name of Grants to reimbursements because the term is more accurate
    • Congratulations to:
      • UWA Marketing Society (UWAMS) affiliation
      • Society of Petroleum Engineers re- affiliation
      • UWA Vietnamese Student Association re-affiliation
      • Woolnough Society re- affiliation
      • UWA International Law society re- affiliation
      • UWA Pakistan Society re- affiliation
      • Students for Sensible Drug Policy re- affiliation


  • We wait for reallocation...

General Business:


  • No new Gatekeepers


  • No new Webkeepers

Room Update

New Kallax, Small Shelf and Chairs!
  • Waiting on Tenancy Allocations
New Printed Banner
  • Waiting on Tenancy Allocations


Book Buy 2: Electric Boogaloo - 4th of December
  • Waiting on:
    • Ink
SPLATBuy - Flamecraft
  • Still waiting
David's Archival 'Stuff'
  • We should look in the monolith to see if we need all of it because MAN
BotC Noise
  • Its been printed and laminated it is right there

Painting Guide

Gibbi: Bring in painting guide

Food runs

  • Choccies are still expensive, but choices are limited
  • There are still red eyes :)


Phoenix Revival

  • I will have an update next week

Frosh: Make phoenix come

Archiving Old Minutes

  • Nupdates

Frosh: Nut out old minutes Jackie: Update UCC archive

Committee Business

  • Handovers: Start working on them
  • Fresher Guide Quote: Get them in this week
  • Meetings are now 4:30PM

/gavin tav

  • In Pogress

James: Do gavin tav video

Unigames Members: Ask James if he is editing video

Meeting closed: 5:30 PM