Unigames Committee Meeting #6 - 9/04/2024

by Chris Leak 09/04/24

Unigames Committee Meeting #6 - 9/04/2024

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  • Josh
  • Connor
  • Chris
  • Gen
  • Cooper
  • Jeremy
  • Nene
  • Nix
  • Oscar
  • Jackie


  • Jack


Meeting scheduled: 4:00PM

Meeting open: 4:08PM


President's Report (Josh):

  • Outlaws of Thunder Junction organised
  • Access Dept. is all sorted, it is almost like we have an elevator
  • Phoenix EOI and lots of responses already 👀
  • SLT Training Complete
    • This somehow got me back into Pokemon Go
  • Did food run

Vice President's Report (Connyah):

  • Charity Vigil (hopefully) wrap-up meeting done
  • Completed SLT featuring SlavSOC + Pokemon Go
  • Did a food run
  • Uhhh assignment due at 12:56pm ok cook

Treasurer's Report (Jack):

  • Micro-RPGs went well this week, we had two tables of turnout and both groups seemed to have a blast
  • still haven't made the price list because i'm a bit lazy 😛 Account Balance: 11,994.22

Secretary's Report (Chris):

  • Whe-hey
  • I haven't done much, and action finder be funky
    • We have fixed this now
    • Whe-hey
  • will email tactics abuot pokemans boxes soon

Librarian's Report (Gen):

  • taught a couple people to play good soc
  • have done emp and advertising for good soc oneshot night! v excited
  • "study" "break" (it was neither)

Fresher Rep's Report (Cooper):

  • Pretty much nothing this week unfortunately
  • went to little rpg night

OCMs' Reports (Jeremy, Nene, Nix, Oscar):

  • Jeremy:

    • Attended MicroRPG night and ran Honey Heist which was super fun, will definitely start looking into more MicroRPGs
    • Messaged DMs for DnD onsehot night so just waiting to see what the availability for that will be like then I'll start sorting out dates and such
    • [Dot point exploded]
    • Have a good (hopefully not too stressful) week 6 everyone (i say drowning under 4 assessments)
  • Nene:

    • emp for dex board games done, hopefully i will be ready to post advertising after meeting?
    • another charity vigil meeting, not much to report
    • won fortnite five times this week. plateau?
  • Nix:

    • Not much to report
    • Been teaching some warhammer
  • Oscar:

    • Gotta Go Fast Boardgames is tomorrow (Wednesday) 1 to 5! Come along
    • I have so much to do and not enough time to do it
    • 67 days til end of semester, 216 days til Halloween, 261 days til Christmas, 3 days til Summit (2 days til I leave oh no)

Immediate Past President's Report (Jackie):

  • Jackie has attended: 6/6 (100% WR)== Meeting
    • ya i talked to people (one) about setting up external bank account
    • i think we should lock in how the bank acc will be used + decide which bank to go with either this meeting or next meeting
    • learnt how to update the website from donald

Past Action Items:


EMP and Advertising for OTJ prerelease (done)

Contact Tactics about Prerelease (done)

Talk to tactics about Access boardgames (done)

Advertise recurring Unigames x Access events (done)


contact E-Sports about potential collab in week 10 (done)


(with Jeremy) Redo fridge price list (not done)


Contact GMs for Spire and Heart One-Shot (not done)

Figure out Pokemon Booster Boxes (not done)

EMP and Advertising for April SAP (not done)

Do March Newsletter (not done)


EMP and Advertising for The Good Society (done)

Repair damaged games (in poggers)

Make up a Bloodbowl contents sheet (not done)


EMP and Advertising for DnD Oneshot Night (in poggers)

(with Jack) Redo fridge price list (not done)


EMP and Advertising for Dexterity Boardgames (done)


Bump advertising for Wargaming Tournament (done)

EMP and Advertising for May Tournament (not done)


EMP and Advertising for Gotta Go Fast Boardgames (done)


Talk with clubs who have bank accounts (done)

Usual Suspects

Board Games

Gotta Go Fast Boardgames - Wednesday 10/04 @ 1pm (Week 6)
  • That's tomorrow!
  • Come and play lots of quick games
    • Games of speed
    • Games of shortness
Dexterity Boardgames - Monday?? (Week 8)
  • e.g. Hamsterrolle, Junkart, Bamboleo, Tokyo Highway,
Week 10 Boardgames - Week 10
  • with E-sports
  • competitive board games

    Connor: EMP and advertising for Esports Collab


Micro-RPG Oneshot Night - Friday 5/4 @ 4-9pm (Study Week)
  • It happened!
  • lots of microrpgs
The Good Society Oneshot Night - Monday 15/4 @ 4pm Week 7
  • wrangled some GMs
  • best in small groups, so four GMs should cover it
Dungeons and Dragons 5e Oneshot Night - Week 9
  • GMs messaged
  • collecting responses for availability
  • May be worth booking the CCZ

    Jeremy: EMP and Advertising for DnD Oneshot Night

Spire and Heart One-Shot Night - Week 11
  • nupdates

    Chris: Contact GMs for Spire and Heart One-Shot


Booster Box Buying Bhenanigans
  • GG says 189 for thunder junction box market is 260
  • nupdates

    Chris: Figure out Pokemon Booster Boxes

Magic: The Gavining
Pokemon SAP - 27/04 @ 1pm (Week 8 saturday)
  • Chris'll do it

    Chris: EMP and Advertising for April SAP

Outlaws of Thunder Junction Prerelease - 14th of April 2024 @ 11am (Week 6)
  • Someone will have to pick up the prerelease kits
  • Probably when we alley


Wargaming Tournament - Wednesday 3rd of April @ 8:30am (Study Week)
  • It happened!
  • It ran fine
May Warhammer 40k Tournament - Wednesday 29th of May (Exam study week)
  • Planning
  • Similar details to last tournament

    Nix: EMP and Advertising for May Tournament

Casual Painting Event - Week 7

Josh: Casual Painting Event EMP, Advertising

Fresher Campaigns

  • All campaigns session 0 happened

Access Department Partnership!! - Tuesday 16/04 11am-1pm - Week 7

  • Access week (PAC)

Tokyo Alley - 10am to 5pm - Saturday 13th of April (Week 6) at Convention Center

  • Anime Convention and Artist Market
    • We're gonna be running a boardgame chill out zone
  • Nick sent an email through
    • We are getting four volunteer passes
    • First Half
      • Jeremy
      • Gen
      • Jack
      • Josh (will be the car)
    • Second Half
      • Replace Gen with Jackie
  • need to wear hi-vis for setup and packdown
  • Loading times
    • be at uni for loading at 8am
    • there is a loading dock at convention centre
Charity Vigil - 29/03 @ 4pm (Week 5)
  • Attendance: 63
  • Still waiting on exact numbers
  • Wrap-up meeting (hopefully last) on friday
Last Uncharity Vigil
  • Still waiting for Distribution now

Far Future Events

Unigames [Redacted] - Not that Soon
  • roles sorted
  • name sorted
Upcoming Subcommittees/Prospective Reps
  • Roleplay 4 Life - Chris, Nix
  • Relay 4 Life - Gen, Oscar (vibe it)
  • Quiz Night - Jack (Dark), Nix (Light)
  • Joint [Redacted]? - Jack, Cooper, Connor
    • place booked
  • Uncharity Vigil - Josh, Jeremy
  • Dice Bag Workship - Oscar, Gen
    • In the future at some point


  • Approved
  • Pending
  • Unsubmitted
    • 25$ to Geniveve for Vzonk


SLT Training

  • Talking about safety resources


  • Side Panels
    • Done!

General Business


  • No new Gatekeepers


  • No new Webkeepers

Room Updates

  • Nupdates
  • Carpets
    • Nupdates
  • New Kallax, Small Shelf, Chairs


  • Flamecraft Splat Buy
    • unlikely to be in stock until late may
  • "Secret Hitler" borrow follow-up
    • follow-up happened, we still don't have it
  • Blood on the Clocktower damage
  • Incoming post about library etiquette
    • Please take care of our games... :(

      Gen: Repair damaged games Gen: Make up a Bloodbowl contents sheet Gen: Make post about respecting library items

Swancon - 20-21st of April

  • Gen can go on the Sunday

    Josh: Message Swancon about volunteers

Food Runs

  • we didn't got more dinsk
  • But we got a bunch of other stuff

    Jack, Jeremy: Redo fridge price list

Phoenix Revival

  • EOI was put out!
  • 8 responses (slay)
  • Things people want:
    • Lesser played TTRPGS being spotlighted
    • Introductory articles about hobbies like wargaming
    • Talks with collab clubs and other interesting things
      • We'll try to put some interesting things in
    • Something casual/positive/not too self-serious but still sincere
    • Scripted playthroughs
      • a few ways interpret this, but all potentially interesting
    • 75% want it in booklet form

Uploading Old Minutes

  • Nupdates


  • Chris will do that

    Chris: Do March/April Newsletter

Committee Business

Club Bank Account research

  • This week we lock in intended use of bank account
  • suggested Commbank due to WestPac's security password requirement
  • Proposed: All purchases excluding consumable purchases (snacks and drinks)
    • Any other exceptions can be handled on a case-by-case basis
    • Waiting to confirm until Jack is here

      Jackie: Research further options for bank account Meeting closed: 5:48 PM