Unigames Committee Meeting #8 - 23/04/2024

by Chris Leak 23/04/24

Unigames Committee Meeting #8 - 23/04/2024

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  • Josh
  • Connor
  • Jack
  • Chris
  • Gen
  • Cooper
  • Jeremy
  • Nene
  • Nix
  • Oscar
  • Jackie



Meeting scheduled: 4:00PM

Meeting open: 4:08PM


President's Report (Josh):

  • Chew chew, what's that? the CUNT train?!?!?!
    • Next station, slayville???
      • Secretary's note: what the f does this even mean
  • I did an EMP and some advertising that I haven't posted
  • Some camp stuff
  • and other 'stuff'

Vice President's Report (Connyah):

  • Did a smol food run
  • EMP done for Esports collab, will probs work on advertising during meeting
  • Talked to Nic about [REDACTED] supplier stuff, will figure that out soon

Treasurer's Report (Jack):

  • okay okay so like what if i did the chart like soon Account Balance: 14,428.95

Secretary's Report (Chris):

  • We ballin' (action items done???)

Librarian's Report (Gen):

  • went to swan con! very good
  • new ts album dropped
  • <<< study 333

Fresher Rep's Report (Cooper):

  • muffin much

OCMs' Reports (Jeremy, Nene, Nix, Oscar):

  • Jeremy:

    • Waiting for DMs to reply with short synopses (GEDDONNIT!)
    • Working on EMP and Advertising for DnD oneshot night, will get it done in the next day or two
    • Went to dexterity boardgames, that was quite silly
    • Played bloodbowl for first time so here we go
  • Nene:

    • dex boardgames went well! (it was yesterday)
    • did first costco run! got drink
    • i've won fortnite 1 time this week
    • i haven't been playing because im sooo behind in everything it's not even funny
  • Nix:

    • high likelihood another Warhammer wargame becomes popular
    • still need to book ezone for the tournament
    • almost got larp pilled (passed the willpower test)
    • hrnggg
  • Oscar:

    • nothing to report (eepy week)
    • 60 days til end of semester, 199 days til Halloween, 254 days til Christmas, 151 til Summit

Immediate Past President's Report (Jackie):

  • Jackie has attended: 8/8 (100% WR)== Meeting
    • got past the masters hot coals week but now i hauve consumption (covid)
    • talked v briefly to unisfa, uwanime and pcs about bank accounts and looked a bit more at commbank (may still be doing this during meeting)
    • i need to work on redacted design. action me to do this

Past Action Items:

Action Items:


Make TCG EOI form (done)


EMP and advertising for Esports Collab (EMP done)


Contact GMs for Spire and Heart One-Shot (done)

Figure out Pokemon Booster Boxes (done)

Advertising for April SAP (done)

Do March/April Newsletter (not done)


Repair damaged games (in poggers)

Make up a Bloodbowl contents sheet (not done)


EMP and Advertising for DnD Oneshot Night


EMP and Advertising for May Tournament (not done)


Ask around about NAB (done)

Usual Suspects

Board Games

Dexterity Boardgames - Monday 22/04 @ 4pm (Week 8)
  • It was pretty good
  • Attendance: 9
Esports Collab - Thursday 9/5 @ 4pm (Week 10)
  • with E-sports
  • competitive board games
  • EMP done
  • May have large numbers
    • at least 50
  • Organise Clubrooms, Loft, some CCZ rooms

    Connor: advertising for Esports Collab

Week 12 Boardgames - Week 12

Connor, Jack: EMP and Advertising for Week 12 Boardgames


Dungeons and Dragons 5e Oneshot Night - Friday 3/5 Week 9
  • GMs messaged
  • collecting responses for availability
  • May be worth booking the CCZ

    Jeremy: EMP and Advertising for DnD Oneshot Night

Spire and Heart One-Shot Night - Week 11
  • updates
    • Messaged GMs, no responses yet

      Chris: Contact GMs for Spire and Heart One-Shot

Little Guys Little Games One-Shot Night - Study Week

Gen, Nene: Contact GMs for Little Guys Little Games Josh: Announcement for Event Suggestions in Feedback


Booster Box Buying Bhenanigans
  • New box
  • It's already nearly gone
  • Boxes bought for $201 instead of $189
Pokemon Booster Boxes
  • $210 from Tactics
  • $199 from GGs
  • packs would be around $6 in the clubroom
  • Motion to approve a budget of $199 for buying a Pokemon TCG: Temporal Forces booster box for the clubroom
    • Successful

      Chris: Talk to GGs about Pokemon Booster Boxes

Magic: The Gavining
Tactics issues
  • Event-link organisation
    • Created a Unigames Magic Event-link account
    • We are under Tactics
    • Will show up on the MtG events website
  • "Vaguely organised" - Josh

    Joshua: SNOM EMP and Advertising

Pokemon SAP - 27/04 @ 1pm (Week 8 saturday)
  • Chris Did it, also Jeremy did the first bit
  • It's this Saturday, come along and play some pokemans (TCG)
TCG Expression of Interest
  • EOI Form went up
  • some people responded
  • MTG, Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh, Shadowverse Evolve, Flesh and Blood, Key-forge have gotten Expressions of Interest
  • We have people that can run Yu-gi-oh, Key-forge and Flesh and Blood events


May Warhammer 40k Tournament - Sunday 19th of May (Exam study week)
  • Nupdates
  • Similar details to last tournament

    Nix: EMP and Advertising for May Tournament

Blood Bowl Stuff
  • Planning to advertise second semester for freshers
  • Intro to Blood Bowl event
Casual Painting Event - Wednesday 17/04 @ 2pm Week 7
  • It Happened!
  • Was pretty casual
  • Attendance: 4

Fresher Campaigns

  • Nupdates

Access Department Collab!! - Tuesday 21/05 11am-1pm @ Access room - Week 12

  • Come along!
Charity Vigil - 29/03 @ 4pm (Week 5)
  • Working on cost distribution
Last Uncharity Vigil
  • Money came through

Far Future Events

Unigames [Redacted] - Kinda Soon

Josh: [Redacted] EMP and risk management Jackie: [Redacted] Advertising Design

Upcoming Subcommittees/Prospective Reps
  • Roleplay 4 Life - Chris, Nix
  • Relay 4 Life - Gen, Oscar (vibe it)
  • Quiz Night - Jack (Dark), Nix (Light)
  • Joint [Redacted]? - Jack, Cooper, Connor
    • UCC has paid deposit
  • Uncharity Vigil - Josh, Jeremy
  • Dice Bag Workship - Oscar, Gen
    • In the future at some point


  • Approved
  • Pending
  • Unsubmitted
    • $25 to Genevieve for ZVonk
    • $50 to Genevieve for Swancon
    • $267.38 to Nene for Costco Food Run
    • $1140 to Josh for Prerelease
    • $269.10 to Connor for Food Run



General Business


  • No new Gatekeepers


  • No new Webkeepers

Room Updates

  • Carpets
    • Nupdates
  • New Kallax, Small Shelf, Chairs


  • Flamecraft Splat Buy
    • unlikely to be in stock until late may
    • nupdates

      Gen: Repair damaged games Gen: Make up a Bloodbowl contents sheet

Sev Donation

  • Card game called "FUNEMPLOYED"
    • "Cards against Humanity-like"
    • Use your (randomly selected) qualification cards to win the (randomly selected) job
  • Motion to accept the donation of FUNEMPLOYED from Sev
    • Accepted

Swancon - 20-21st of April

  • Was really good
  • Some cool games
    • Boardgames
      • Scribbly Gum
      • Dinogenics
      • not made anymore
  • Met alot of ex-unigames members

Food Runs

  • we got more dinsk
  • Connor and Nene after meeting foodrun happened
  • Also costco food run happened (featuring Nene's Mum)

Phoenix Revival

  • Nupdates
  • Things people want:
    • Lesser played TTRPGS being spotlighted
    • Introductory articles about hobbies like wargaming
    • Talks with collab clubs and other interesting things
      • We'll try to put some interesting things in
    • Something casual/positive/not too self-serious but still sincere
    • Scripted playthroughs
      • a few ways interpret this, but all potentially interesting
    • 75% want it in booklet form

Uploading Old Minutes

  • Nupdates


  • Chris will do that

    Chris: Do March/April Newsletter

Committee Business

Club Bank Account research

  • This week we lock in intended use of bank account
  • suggested Commbank due to WestPac's security password requirement
  • Jackie talked to Lorenzo about NAB
    • Fine, but requires to be incorporated
      • yeah we ain't doing that
  • Commbank
    • $0 fees, no interest, free unlimited EFT transactions and cash withdrawals, free transactions in branch (deposits and withdrawals)
    • can link with a business card, link with a terminal (eh)
    • need to complete application form (linked on the site)
    • need to bring completed app + documentation
  • Motion to Authorise the opening of a Comm-bank Society Cheque Account on behalf of Unigames.
    • Passes Unanimously
    • Authorised Signatories: President (Joshua Annison), Vice President (Connor Brennan), Treasurer (Jack Bariss)

      Jackie: Organise Documentation for Bank Account

First Aid Training

  • Notified other clubs that we are organising
  • Will put feelers out for scheduling

Meeting closed: 6:06 PM